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Victoria Krundysheva a Russian-born, India living conceptual fashion photographer, art & creative director, Broncolor GenNEXT ambassador as well as Sigma India ambassador.

Her style combines the technique, aesthetic and visual luxury of fashion with creativity, insight and storytelling of conceptual photography.

Through her work and visual metaphors she is exploring social and individual themes.

Her photo journey in India began in 2015 but since then she has already established her name in fashion and conceptual photography working with such brands as Manish Malhotra, Titan, Taj, Celio and many others.

She has been featured in more than 50 media/publications around the world (including Europe, Asia and Americas) with series such as Lost Indian Goddesses, The Witch Hunt, and The Dark Room and has been invited to judge few photo contests (Corporate Photography Awards, Flipkart All Things Indian Photo Contest).

She promotes creative and socially conscious approach to photography and has been behind shooting creative campaigns for some of India's biggest brands.

All work of Victoria is inspired by her free spirit, metaphorical vision and attention to details.


Photography to me is my personal meditation, a way to connect with the world inside me and outside, to identify systems and cycles these worlds function within. My work is both intensely personal and loudly public. I take the major social constructs and issues, internalizing them to reflect my deepest engagement in each. Metaphorical representation of subjects allows me to show the overlooked connections between present and past, dreaming and awakening, logic and intuition where I draw the mystical, but evident parallels between emotional reality and physical world.

Each of my projects is not just about my subject, but about me equally. Each experience I go through is reflected and fundamental for my development as an artist.

I photograph my models in a synthetic world which I create within the existing one, so that each of them seems present and relatable, yet not entirely tangible.

My goal is to make viewer perceive the idea not just within the classical mind frames, but rather within their emotional state.

The journey of expression for me is continuous and reflects in composing – where the idea is dominating my style of composition and intensity of colour is defined by the external or internal source of inspiration– I use more toned down palettes for the work coming from place of my intuitive experiences and brighter tones calling out the social issues.

Slowly I have begun to find inspiration in human body and its ability to express,which has been my inspiration for projects I am currently developing as well as I have found myself to be drawn towards darker shades, which reflects in my project “The Dark Room”.

All of my work is accompanied by strong and elaborate verbal statements creating a synthesis of my artistic expression.


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